Shipping annoyance

I have to make sure that you all know that you get FREE SHIPPING on my website  You know that...RIGHT?  

I am writing this because I just tried to buy something small online.  I really needed this product, so I found a coupon, I spent 20 minutes on the website designing the product, and I was excited about the purchase.  I got to check out, and after my coupon, my price was $8.96...WOAH!  So I went to check out, and BOOM...shipping was $19.99.  

WOMP WOMP WOMP... I immediately closed the browser and decided that I can make it myself, and I did not purchase it.  

So the moral of the story is, I am not going to do that to my awesome customers.  The holidays are already stressful enough.

Life is too the coasters...and don't pay SHIPPING!  

Ok now I have to get back to work...end rant.  

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