New You Tube Channel and VLOG!


Well, it is finally time to start putting my money where my mouth is, and by that I mean create a You Tube channel for Tiffany O Studio.  I have been saying it for years that I wanted to make vlog entries, but to be 100% transparent...


What if I freeze up, what if people are mean to me, what if they laugh???  And then the other day I was online researching business and marketing techniques and the podcast I was listening literally said,

"Do it scared, it is better than not doing it at all" 

And I just laughed at myself.  So today I am doing it scared, and creating my very first VLOG.  

What is going to be on this Vlog?  I am going to let you in my studio, and show you my techniques, marketing ideas, and my process.  I will launch my new products, WEDDING LINE ahem ahem on the vlog too!  

So please stay tuned, and jump on youtube and subscribe to my channel!!!!

Here is the link:

And the first video is on there already!!!  I am announcing which design you all loved for the wedding line!  

Check it out!



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