New Product Spotlight: Pillows

For the past few days I have been working like a mad lady on developing and perfecting my new pillows.  This was an incredibly fun journey, let me explain.  

I knew I wanted to make pillows with my new equipment, and directly print my images on to the fabric that was a no brainer.  There was one thing that was stopping me...the fact that I can barely sew!  I am embarassed to even write that down considering my mother was literally a professional embroiderer.  So I sat down at my computer, and went to my best friend, YouTube.  Yes, I watched countless of hours of how to sew a pillow, and finally I felt the confidence to try it.  Once I started sewing, it started to all fall into place.  Turns out sewing really isn't that hard, and sewing a pillow is probably one of the easiest tasks.  So VOILA, I now know how to sew...kinda.  

I started making my pillows, and realized that these could be really fun picking out different fabrics to put on the back of them.  Can I just say being a creative person and trying to pick just a few different fabrics is SO HARD!  I want ALL the pretty fabrics in the store, it was incredibly hard to narrow them down.  I finally did, and off to the races I went!  The first few pillows I created were the Cleveland Skylines, Home Graphic, and the Popcorn Shop.  

I could see this popcorn shop pillow on your couch in your living room, or on your front porch swing during memorial weekend.  It is a great addition to add a little more decoration to your room.  I put a fun polka dot print on the back of the pillow to add a whimsical element to the pillow.  

Now for this pillow it originally started thinking about my buckeye fans.  It has the scarlet color on the front and the back has a gray and white geometric pattern.  It is a great pillow to bring out during football season.  I know many people love the buckeyes, but there are other schools in the state, that is why I gave you the option to change the color of the square.  There is a drop down on this pillow listing that gives you the option of color, therefore this pillow could cheer for any team in Ohio!  GO OHIO! 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I keep thinking this would make a really cute Valentine's Day present.  We all LOVE Ohio, and this pillow says it loud and clear.  This pillow also has a fun colorful triangle pattern on the back to add to it.  

Speaking of the back of the pillow we need to chat about it.  I know many of you are thinking "What if my lazy lovely golden retriever thinks this is a great pillow and drools all over it while napping on the couch?"  Trust me I know all too well about this situation.  That is why I made these pillows with a pocket on the back.  You can remove the pillow insert from the case, and throw the pillow cover in the wash!!!!  Yep, you are welcome.  

Ok so now that you know all the details, check them out on the website, and start shopping.  Feel free to share this post, every share spreads the word about my business, and helps! 

As always, if you have any questions, or you just want to chat feel free to contact me!  

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