New Product: Ohio Glitter Necklace

Sometimes I really think I need a business partner to tell me YES that is a good idea, or NO what are you thinking you crazy lady!  I spend a lot of my time in my studio thinking about new products, creating, and pondering and sometimes I make something and I just need to ask another opinion.  In my house I have my dogs, cat, and husband to ask clearly I am limited.  

That was the case with this necklace, and my jewelry line that I made a few months back.  I was really excited about creating jewelry that involved glitter, and resin and I made a bunch of it.  I put it on my Etsy shop, and it didn't move at all.  I got frustrated and pulled it all off the site.  I probably didn't give it enough time, but that goes back to the whole business partner thing.  

Last night I had a girls night out in the Cleveland with my fabulous in laws and family friends. We were celebrating both of my sister in law's birthdays, so I thought I would make them matching necklaces for fun.  I created this necklace with my glitter and resin and threw an Ohio charm on it, and VOILA!  Well, as soon as they opened the gifts, two different people sitting at the table told me that they wanted one.  

So here I am in my studio wondering what was I thinking pulling my jewelry off the site!

I think it is a great necklace, and I think I just need to listen to the peanut gallery more often.  So I have listed this necklace on my site, HERE in an effort to see if it sells.  Isn't that what being an entrepreneur is all about?  Trial and Error.  

This necklace will be available in 8 different colors, and they are all made to order.  

Here are some images I took of the necklace this morning.  The color of the necklace in the images is COPPER.  


What do you think?  Have you ever had moments where you second guessed yourself and your products?  

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