New Photos: University of Mount Union

Today I went on a little journey down to Mount Union University to explore, and take some photos.  Mount Union actually holds a special place in my heart because, my Aunt Patricia lives right next to the campus.  I have been exploring the campus for many years of my life, and today was the first time I was getting paid to do it.  

I met a few women at the Solon art show a few weeks ago who mentioned to me that they would love some coasters with images of Mount Union.  So, I said NO PROBLEM.  I checked the weather, and headed toward Alliance.  Naturally, I had to stop at my Aunt's house, and have lunch with her before I went out on my journey.  After catching up with my Aunt, I was off to the campus.  

On my way down to Alliance I reached out to a friend of mine that I remembered went to college there, and asked what were some good landmarks.  She mentioned a rock, yes she said I should take a picture of a rock.  I laughed when she told me, but I understood what she was saying when I approached this rock.  Apparently the students paint it all the time for different events.  Today it was painted for Greek life, in a 70's theme.  It is in the middle of the campus, and was really interesting.  This is no ordinary rock my friends.  

The sun was shining, and I think I got some really neat shots of this cool rock.  I then continued on through the campus and stumbled upon some of really neat buildings.  

One really popular building that my friend mentioned was Chapman Hall, and I can see why.  This building seems like it is definitely the oldest building on campus and has some incredible architecture.  

This campus is really nice, and I had a great time hanging out there today.  It was really sunny, a bit cold, but I had a really great time.  The last stop that I made today in Alliance, doesn't have anything to do with Mount Union, but it is a landmark that everyone knows about.  

A CASTLE!!!!  Guys, this is legit a castle, and I have loved this building my entire life.  I have always wanted to go play in this castle!  I was walking around on the greens of this castle today, and was fantasizing that John Snow was going to appear around the corner.  Unfortunately, John was not there, but I did get some cool photos!  

Ok, well now I need to create some coasters, and new products with these photos.  

Back to work... 

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