My First Product: Coasters

Today, it is very rainy and dreary in Cleveland, and I really didn't want to get out of bed to be honest.  But, just like everyone else, I crawled out of bed and got to work in the studio.  I have a few orders that I need to fill, and many different events coming up that I will definitely need products for.  So the first thing I started working on were the coasters.  

Coasters were my first product that I made, and I was thinking of the history of the coasters in my shop.  I remember when I first listed my work on Etsy, I was only selling photography prints, and not much was happening.  I quickly began to realize while people like photography, they really don't buy prints very quickly.  That is how my coasters came about.  I decided to start making USABLE art, and it began to work.  I took the same images that weren't moving on Etsy, and put them on a tile and they are now a very nice display of art, but also something you can use in your home.  

My coasters have always been my most popular product in my shop.  I know that they make a great house warming gift, wedding gift, birthday gift or really anything.  They are simple, clean, and help protect your furniture.  There is nothing worse than having a favorite table, with a big fat while ring on it from a glass that didn't have a coaster!!!  

So moral of the story is that coasters are awesome!  I am constantly taking more images, and putting them on coasters.  With the Indians making it to the world series I created some new Indians coasters to celebrate the great acomplishment.  It is so great to see our city alive and succeeding it makes for some great inspiration in my art!


So stay tuned, there are always new coasters coming to the shop!  Now I have to get back to work and photograph them and upload them ;)  


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