Mix and Match Coasters & Wine Charms

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!  I hope you are all enjoying the fun activities that surround Halloween, I can't wait to hand out candy tonight and see all the fun costumes!  But before the fun, I need to get some work done, and that is why I am writing to you!  

Last week I participated in an event for Chagrin Falls High School, selling my products to raise some money to go towards their after prom.  The event was A-MA-ZING thank you to everyone who came out and purchased products!!!!  My coasters, wine charms, and ornaments were selling like crazy!  I was so happy to see how excited everyone was about my products and I was excited to talk to all the new customers.  Throughout the night, I noticed something very interesting happening with my coaster and wine charm sales.  Everyone was picking completely different combinations of coasters and wine charms.  They loved creating their own set!  So I thought I need to have that option on my website...soooooooo now it is!  

You can go to my website now, and mix and match your own set of coasters and wine charms!  I have created a visual of 25 of my most popular images for you to choose from.  So now you can create your very own custom set of coasters or wine charms.  

Let's say you went to OU, but you grew up in Chagrin Falls, ahem like me.  You can choose the OU college gate and OU college green coasters, and match it with the CF popcorn shop and the CF hardware store.  Therefore, you have a fun set that speaks to you.  

You can check these items out on my website by clicking the link for COASTERS or WINE CHARMS and purchase as you please.  

Keep in mind the holidays are coming, and these would make a perfect gift for family or friends!  

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or want to chat. 

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