DIY Rustic Wood Photo Background

Lately I have been rather obsessed with wood pallets, just like everyone else in the world.  I have been known to go dumpster diving if I find a good pallet.  I use wood pallets for all kinds of different projects around my house, and small suburban farm that I am creating.  Today was a little different, today I was craving a new background for my product photography.  So out into my backyard I went, to make a new rustic wood background for my photography. 

I purposely keep my pallets outside by my chicken coop to get rained on, and get a more "rustic" quality to them.  So I picked out the pallet, got my supplies that I thought would be best for this project and away I went!  

The first step to this clearly was to cut off the excess wood that I did not need.  I pulled the other panels of this pallet off the other day, and now it is a little bare.  I used a hand saw to complete this task for a few reasons.  Reason number one, I am really scared of power tools! I know, I need to get over this, but I am convinced I am going to cut off my hand.  Irrational I know, but I also enjoy the good arm work out I get with a hand saw.  So I cut the excess wood off and was ready for the next step.


The next step was staining.  I have many different stains laying around my studio from various past projects that I have completed.  Not to mention, I can never make up my mind on what color I want, so I need to purchase all of them, obviously.  I picked three different colors of stain for this project.  A dark stain called "Dark Walnut", a light brown stain called "Early American", and a gray stain called "Weathered Gray".  I have found that if you layer the different stains you get a much more dynamic piece of wood, and it is clearly more fun.  

I started with the early american stain, it is always my go to stain.  I really like the color, and it works really well with my different products.  I randomly poured the stain on the pallet, and used a foam brush to spread it around.  TIP:  Use gloves!!!!  I forgot to, and even though I was using a brush I was talented enough to get stain all over myself.  

Next I moved on to weathered gray stain.  I started to feel as though I was channeling Jackson Pollack at this point.  Pouring the stain and thinking that I was a genius painter.  Keep pouring, and painting with your brush until you feel like you have what you want.  There really is no pattern, just add stain and brush it on.

I added the dark walnut stain to the edges and the gaps in between the boards.  I didn't use the dark walnut stain very much because it is a very dark stain, and I only wanted to use it for accents.  I didn't stain it 100% either, because I personally didn't want to make it look too perfect, to retain the "rustic" feel.  I imagine I will take some sand paper to it eventually and give it a little more character.

And VOILA you now have a rustic stained pallet!  This could be used for a photo background, or really anything your heart desires. I am considering adding legs to it to make it a table and make it a little easier to take photos on.  

I let the stain dry for a little bit, and then I took some pictures of my products on it, and I thought it turned out very nice! 

I am in LOVE with the texture that I am getting from the wood, and the natural light created some fun shadows with my wine glass.  This OSU wine glass charm has never looked so good! 

It seems as though these coasters were meant to hang out on this wood!  I think it is a nice contrast to the sharp white lines of the coasters.  It helps make my product pop, and it gives them a sense of home and environment.  

So now it is your turn, get out there and create something fun!  And as always, feel free to comment below or shoot me an email if you have any thoughts about this project.  

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