Cleveland WINDIANS Giveaway!!!

I don't know about you guys, but last night I stayed up way too late to watch the end of the Indians game, and it was AWESOME!!!!  We really are the Cleveland WINDIANS!  Our city is on fire, and I want to celebrate!  That is why I woke up this morning and designed a new set of coasters for the Cleveland Indians!


Yep, I love it.  It has the Indians logo inside of our amazing state of Ohio.  I really like these coasters and they are going to make a great addition to any Clevelander's home. 

These coasters are just like my other coasters. They are made out of white ceramic tile, with the image adhered to the surface.  Each coaster has cork on the back so that it does not scratch your furniture.  Each image has a protective coating on it, so the image does not get damaged from the condensation of your frosty beverage.  

Now for the good part!  I am going to GIVEAWAY a set of these coasters for each game that the indians win.  So right now we have 1 giveaway.  I am going to announce how many are going to be given away at the end of the series!  

Do you want to win a set of coasters?  Well, then you need to share this post with all your friends and let them know how awesome these coasters are :)  and they you will be entered in the drawing!  It is that easy.  

So now go SHARE away, and GO TRIBE! 

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