Bridal Party Gifts

As many of you know, or if you don't, December and February are the most popular months for people to get engaged.  So that means that we are smack dap in the middle of the mahem right now!  WOOO HOOOO! I got engaged in February, and honestly I had been mentally planning my wedding six months before I got the ring.  That is why I am writing to you today.  

I have been diligently working on new ideas, and new designs to aid in helping you and your wedding planning needs.  Every wedding is different, and unique and every groom and bride want the day to stand out in everyone's mind.  I like to think that my wedding was unique, people still think of it and smile, and I want you to feel the same. 

One of the most important elements to my wedding was having an awesome, fun, and helpful bridal party.  Seriously, it is really important!  You should let them know that you appreciate them being there for you.  For this reason, I have designed some fun bridal party gifts that you can get your friends and loved ones to show them you care.  

Custom Tote Bag

These are perfect for the bridesmaids to keep all their belongings in.  The day of, everyone has a ton of stuff to tote around, why not do it in style!  We can design a special tote bag with you, with flowers, your theme, or a monogram.

Beer Stein


Let's be honest, many people like to partake in a frosty beverage on the big day.  So how about we have some glassware personalized for you and your crew?  This could be for groomsmen, and bridesmaid along with the bride and groom.  Either way, it will be a gift they will have forever to remember your big day.  

Flip Flops

Having a destination wedding?  If your answer was yes, they you must get some custom flippy floppies.  I can created any color or design you want on the flip flops.  These custom flip flops will make you stand out in style. 

Can Koozie

While you are on your boat with your flippy floppies, you might as well keep your drink cold.  Isn't getting married the best time of your life?  You can customize your koozie so that no one's drink gets cold!  We can put your logo on it, a funny phrase or whatever you want.  

Golf Towel 

I know that at my wedding the entire group of groomsmen spent some time on the golf course while I was getting my hair done.  This is a great bonding activity for the guys, so why not make it extra special with a custom golf towel for their golf bag?  

And finally, how about a custom flask!  I wish I was making these when I got married, because I think they are so cool.  These are the perfect size to slip in a coat pocket for the limo ride, or a small purse for a night out.  They keep the party going that is for sure!  

Ok, so now you have some good ideas on what to get your bridal party.  I hope this little guide helps! I am going to be working on new ideas  for the next coming weeks, so if you want something feel free to shoot me an email.  






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