Ban the Bag, Take a Tote

Tiffany O'Neill

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and be Responsible

Happy New Year friends!  I finally feel recovered by the crazy holiday season, so now it is time to talk about my thoughts and new ideas of 2020.  

As a business owner I am constantly asking myself, "What am I doing?  How does my business effect things, and more is my company helping? "  I have always felt my business provides positive products, and products that are usable, and REUSABLE and that is good.  But this year, I am taking it to a next level.  I am going to provide products that can help the environment, be reusable, and I am going to help in fundraising efforts throughout the year. To give back. 

That is why I am releasing this line of tote bags!  Linen tote bags that have my artwork on them to inspire you to ban the bag, and take the tote!  

Let make some change!  My first fundraising effort is going to be for the AUSTRAILIA ZOO WILDLIFE HOSPITAL
I am  so saddened by the fires in Australia, so I am going to donate all profits from the KOALA TOTE bag sales to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.  The Australia zoo hospital is run in part with the Erwin family, and I believe they are doing a great job and can use some help.  

So without further ado... check out all my new tote bags!  This is just the beginning, there are going to  be many more designs and fun products to come!!!

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